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UPCOMING SPEAKER EVENING – Thursday 3 June 2021 – 7.30pm


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Lindsay Trott – Born and educated in Brighton, Victoria. Lindsay Trott graduated in Microbiology and Biochemistry at Monash University. Lindsay worked as a Hospital Scientist in several Melbourne hospitals before sailing to Hawai’i via the South Pacific islands.

Lindsay was inspired by the tropical marine environments on his travels, and following his passion of sailing, surfing and all things marine, he returned to undertake post-graduate marine studies at James Cook University in Townsville. Lindsay spent the next 34 years carrying out research on tropical marine ecosystems and how they function. Initially he worked on nutrient cycling in coral reef organisms and the potential for bacterial control of crown of thorns starfish, then on to prawn aquaculture and bacterial disease management, later to the impact of aquaculture on mangroves and tidal creeks, then to coastal nutrient webs and greenhouse gas emission measurements from mangroves, reefs and aquaculture projects.

Lindsay has worked internationally in several countries on aquaculture and mangrove research projects and is now happily retired and spend his time tending to his bees in Townsville, and relaxing at his newly acquired Magnetic Island residence.


  • Where and what is a mangrove
  • What makes a mangrove successful – special adaptions – how do they cope with salt, sun, mud and inundation
  • Beneficial functions of mangroves – natural products, food supply, traditional use, timber, surge protection
  • Food webs – how do mangroves provide the food and habitat for a diverse range of organisms
  • Fisheries value – many populations rely on mangroves for food and income from harvesting fish and shellfish
  • Mangroves – Our coastal heroes. He hopes to convince you that they are amazingly adapted and beneficial environments

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