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Welcome To Marine Care Ricketts Point

Beach Patrol

A chance to socialize while exercising and doing your bit for the environment. You are notified of the specific location in the Ricketts Point Sanctuary by email each month.


You can snorkel at various locations in the Sanctuary. Most of the area is shallow water of less than five metres, providing an easily accessible recreational area for snorkelling.

Speakers Evenings

We usually hold 6 speaker evenings a year, on the first Thursday night of the month, on each even month. ie February, April, June, Ausust, October, and December. 

Join Us

Becoming involved with Marine Care Ricketts Point (MCRP) is easy and fun!

News and Events

VALE Bob Whiteway, OAM

We are very sorry to report the peaceful passing on Sunday 12 September of our inaugural MCRP President, Bob Whiteway, OAM. Our sincere condolences to his fami ...

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Lindsay Trott

We usually hold 6 Speaker Evenings a year, on the first Thursday night of the month, on each even month. Ie February, April, June, August, October, and Decembe ...

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Cigarette Ban

Bayside Council is planning to ban cigarette smoking on beaches in Bayside, as well as the Brighton Dunes and Ricketts Point area. Sandringham Foreshore ...

Report Offences

Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary is a ‘No Take’ zone. You cannot take away any natural resources – fish or other marine life, shells, or plant life. If you see people doing the wrong thing do not try to take any action yourself against them. Report offences to authorities 13FISH (13 34 74).

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