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Cigarette Ban

Bayside Council is planning to ban cigarette smoking on beaches in Bayside, as well as the Brighton Dunes and Ricketts Point area.

Sandringham Foreshore Association is leading a campaign to extend this ban to all the foreshore areas of Bayside, including beachside parking lots and cliff tops.  These butts invariably end up in the Bay.

The above photograph was taken at the lower car park at Half Moon Bay at our beach clean on 1 February 2020. The children picked up more than 400 butts in 1 hour of cleaning from the car park and surrounding vegetation (minimal found on the actual sand).

Not only are these areas sites of major pollution from cigarette butts, but they also create bushfire risks.  (The Metropolitan Fire Brigade has warned that the beach side of Beach Road Sandringham is a fire risk.)

Please go to Council’s website https://www.bayside.vic.gov.au/news/smoking-ban-baysides-beaches before 23 February to support Vicki Karalis and Sandringham Foreshore Association’s campaign to stop this fire risk and keep our community and environment just that little bit safer “by asking for a ban along all the Bayside foreshore”.

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