MCRP Speaker Elley Thomas

MCRP Speaker Evening – Elley Thomas


On Thursday October 6th 2022 at 7.30pm

Elley Thomas will be speaking on Bayside Council’s plans for the Bayside Foreshore

The foreshore is one of Bayside’s most beautiful and diverse open spaces. There are beaches for swimming, fishing and snorkelling, wonderful walking tracks, a bicycle path, places where dogs can swim, lifesaving clubs, yacht clubs, wildlife on land and in the water, and amazing coastal vegetation. There are also storm water drains, and in the past, sections of the foreshore have been used as a rubbish dump.

Elley will talk about: 

  • Past, present and future coastal planning challenges
  • Bayside City Council’s Vision for the foreshore
  • The upcoming Coastal and Marine Management Plan
  • The different people who use the coastal area, and how council seeks to address the needs of the various groups
  • Fifteen minutes will be put aside for questions and answers

Please join us via Zoom for this event. Log in on

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