MCRP Past Speakers


July – David Lennon – Artificial Reefs.

February – Braeside Fisheries Regulations.


December – David Reinhard – Underwater Photography.

October – Tania Ireton – The Bird Life of Ricketts Point.

August – Bette Willis – Coral Health in Changing Times.

June – Lindsay Trott – Magnificent Muddy Mangroves.

April – Mr Andrew Christie – Shark and Ray Species in Port Phillip Bay.

February – Shannon Hurley – Saving Westernport Phillip Bay’s Marine Environment – the next steps.


December – Professor Ross Garnaut – Let’s talk about Climate Solutions.

October – Jenny Warfe – Changes in Port Phillip Bay & Risks of Proposed Floating Gas Terminal in Westernport Bay.

September – Mark Rodrigue – Coastal Parks & Sanctuaries.

February – Zoe Ellen Brittain – Valuing Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge and the Future of Seaweed in Australia.


December – Dr Vicki Karalis AM – What Makes Beaumaris Bay Beautiful.

October – Lisa Goudie – Sponges of South Australia.

August – Vanora Mulvenna – Climate Change Impact on our Community Health and our Waterways.

June – David Donnelly – Marine Mammals in Port Phillip Bay and how we can help with research. David Donnelly is a marine researcher with extensive experience in a range of scientific disciplines. David’s area of expertise lies in marine mammal research where he has been involved in numerous research projects and he currently works for the Dolphin Research Institute.

April – Dr Andrew Christie – Discussed the types of projects that Marine Care Point Cooke and Melbourne Polytechnic have been involved in within Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary, the sorts of fauna and flora that inhabit the sanctuary beneath the surface of the water, and some good spots for snorkelling and SCUBA diving in the area.

February – Nadiah Roslan – Discussed Climate Watch Trails, which have been established using citizen scientists in order to track how different species are handling climate change (including the Ricketts Point Climate Watch Trail).


December – Simon Branigan – projects concerning the ecological health of Port Phillip Bay.

October – Nicole Mertens – how ReefWatch projects are helping to understand the challenges our Bay faces – from re-establishing long lost oyster reefs to using nudibranchs as indicators of climate change.

August – Hazel Stanworth – how population growth & climate change will impact our bay.

June – Dr Liz Morris – a bio-sciences academic in water quality, esp. re enclosed and estuary waters

April – Chris Smyth – The contentious changes recently proposed – in the form of management plans – for Australia’s 21st Century national marine reserves. How can we rule the oceans wisely?

February – PT Hirschfield – an underwater photographer specializing in marine life behaviour. In 2017, she led the successful Project Banjo campaign., successfully championing better outcomes for the rays of Victoria


December – Dr. Tim O’Hara

October – Dr. John Buckeridge

May – Brad Jessup

March – Professor Ian Rae

February – Professor Stephen Swearer – Replacing the Lost Kelp Forests of Port Phillip Bay


Dec – Prof Alessandro Toffoli – Rogue Waves – Myths and Facts

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