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Speaker Evening 7th October at 7.30pm

On Thursday 7 October 2021 at 7.30pm via Zoom


 presents Tania Ireton speaking on

 ‘The Bird Life of Ricketts Point’


Tania has been interested in birds since joining the Gould League in primary school.

She has been president of BirdLife Bayside since it started in 1996, and has led many of their outings.  These outings have taken her all over Australia as well as to New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Sumatra, Hong Kong, South Korea and New Caledonia in a search for sightings of new species of birds.

She has a Graduate Certificate in Ornithology from Charles Sturt University, and has been able to devote herself to bird-watching since retiring in 2018. Tania flew to Cairns last January to see the first recorded Nordmann’s Greenshank on the east coast of Australia, which gave her 850 species recorded in Australia.  

She is also a member of the Victorian Ornithological Records Appraisal Committee which assesses and adjudicates on submitted claims of rare birds in Victoria.


The Bird Life of Ricketts Point

Around 200 species of birds have been recorded at Ricketts Point. These include common local native and introduced birds, migratory birds which fly thousands of kilometres each year, regular summer or winter migrants, and rare vagrants who may have only be seen on a single occasion. There are opportunistic foragers, aerobatic divers, land-based species, international visitors, terns, swans, cormorants, pelicans, gannets, gulls and oyster-catchers.


Tune in at 7.30pm on October 7 to find out more about some of these fascinating species. 


ZOOM LINK:    https://us06web.zoom.us/j/83551853964

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