Who we work with

We work cooperatively with a number of government agencies and non-government organisations to protect and enhance the Sanctuary, and to educate the public about its unique value.

The following are some of those organizations.


Bayside Council    www.bayside.vic.gov.au
Coastcare    www.coastsandmarine.vic.gov.au/
Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning    www.delwp.vic.gov.au
Fisheries    www.agricualture.vic.gov.au/fisheries
Melbourne Water   www.melbournewater.com.au
Parks Victoria   www.parkweb.vic.gov.au



Bayside Environmental Friends Network   www.facebook.com/Bayside-Environmental-Friends-Network-178293368874446/

Bayside Friends of Native Wildlife  www.facebook.com/Bayside-Friends-of-Native-Wildlife

Beach Patrol Australia www.beachpatrol.com.au

Beaumaris Conservation Society  bcs.asn.au

Beaumaris Life Saving Club  www.beaumarislifesavingclub.org

Beaumaris Yacht Club  websites.sportstg.com/assoc_page.cgi?c=0-10534-0-0-0

Disabled Divers Association  www.facebook.com/disableddiversassociation

Port Phillip EcoCentre St Kilda  www.ecocentre.com

Jawbone Marine Sanctuary Care Group www.jawbone.org.au

Marine Friends Network of Victoria  www.facebook.com/groups/marinefriendsnetworkvictoria

Port Phillip Conservation Council   ppcc.org.au

Sandringham Foreshore Association  www.sandyforeshore.net.au

The Nature Conservancy Australia   www.natureaustralia.org.au/our-work/oceans/

Victorian National Parks Association  www.vnpa.org.au

Wild Melbourne   wildmelbourne.org/services/productions/


Marine Education Centre

The Marine Education Centre was developed by Marine Care Ricketts Point, and is currently housed within Beaumaris Life Saving Club. It includes a fabulous learning environment with display panels and audio-visual theatre that is right next to accessible rock pools, sandy beaches and a rich array of intertidal and coastal plant and animal life. The centre provides shelter and amenities as required for education programs and is a wonderful resource to support student’s learning. This space is available to rent on a fee-for-service basis. See www.beaumarislifesavingclub.org


School Excursions

Long time environmental education specialists, Gould League (est. 1909), run marine excursions for primary and secondary students, with discovery-based activities in and around the Sanctuary and Marine Education Centre. Students explore the beach, rock pools, marine artefacts and Marine Education Centre and learn how to minimise human impact on this ecosystem. Schools interested in Education Programs available please contact Gould League marine excursions at www.gould.edu.au/html/MarineExcursions.asp

Visitors and Groups wishing to book the Beaumaris Life Saving Club 2 function rooms below please contact lifesaving club at www.beaumarislifesavingclub.org/index.php/hall-hire


Licenced Tour Operators

If you need MEC session support please click here to contact a Licensed Tour Operator


Teachers’ Resources

MCRP has prepared teachers’ resources suitable for use by educators looking for “something different” to present to students, prior to a visit to the marine sanctuary. The resources should enable teachers to take self guided tours. You can print or download the articles listed below.

MEC Introductory Panels A guide for teachers when talking students through the wall panel displays.

MEC Teacher’s Resource A guide to teachers covering local Aboriginal history, foreshore plants, local marine life, some geology and a model view of the reef based life cycle.

Script of Audio Plants Walk This script will enable teachers to take an informed beach walk, from the starting point of the Beaumaris Life Saving Club on Beaumaris Beach discussing most foreshore plants.This great resource was written and narrated by Rosemary MacLean.


Other Resources for Loan 

MCRP has a range of assets and equipment which are available for loan to financial members. These include an underwater camera, movie camera, projector, water proof binoculars, underwater viewing tube, GPS, portable loudspeaker system, and digital microscope. There is also a library of marine related books which can be borrowed. Catalogue of Books. To borrow any of these, please send an email request via our contact page 



Marine Education Centre The Marine Education Centre was developed by Marine Care Ricketts Point, and is housed within Beaumaris Life Saving Club. It includes interpretive signage and displays, plus audio visual equipment. This space is available to rent on a fee-for-service basis. School Excursions  Long time environmental education specialists,Gould League (est. 1909) run marine excursions for primary and
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