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Our 3193 Beach Patrols are held

11am on the first Saturday of each month (except January)

Next Beach Clean – 3 July 2021, 11am – Beaumaris Life Saving Club (subject to Covid restrictions being lifted – please check our Facebook page)

  • free to join – you do not have to be a member of Marine Care Ricketts Point
  • get a free T shirt on joining
  • please bring your own gloves, bucket and litter pickers if possible
  • further details – contact Beth (m 0419 354 998) or Ali (m 0408 558 889)

Covid Rules

Please do not attend our Beach Patrol if you are feeling unwell or displaying the slightest Covid-type symptoms. 

We obey all Victorian Government Covid requirements.  So, we may cancel group Beach Patrols from time to time, due to lockdown or Covid number restrictions.  

Please get tested and get vaccinated as soon as you can to help us all stay out of lockdown.

The Litter App - Collect & Record your own Litter whenever you feel like it

  1. Download the Litter Stopper app (Apple v3.1 & Android v1.1.1)
  2. Log the collected rubbish information in the app

Click on the turtle to find the App.

 App Instructions

  1. Press Start Clean
  2. Select Beach Patrol or add in your own details
  3. Select Begin Without Timer
  4. Type in Your Location and postcode 
  5. Choose your Type of Cleaning area 
  6. Select Standard BP/LOS Clean to enter bottles/cans and coffee cups in all your collected rubbish. Finish collection when done.
  7. Follow the prompts in the app to enter details
  8. Hit Submit and upload photo (if you wish)

If experiencing difficulty refer to instructions on each page. 

Make sure you dispose of waste appropriately – rubbish in the rubbish bins, recycling in the recycling bins – you know the drill. If in doubt about touching any object, please just leave it where it is. Data will be published on a week after the event.

We advocate

  1. banning single use plastic bags (now introduced throughout Australia, including Victoria)
  2. a 10c container deposit scheme (due to commence in Victoria in 2023 – now used in all other Australian states)
  3. remediation work of rivers up-stream, and drains, to prevent pollution reaching the Bay.

Port Phillip Bay Litter

  1. over 95% of the litter on our beaches and in the Bay comes from within the Bay catchment area itself, not from the outside ocean – from the Yarra and Maribrynong rivers, other creeks and storm drains
    • it is within our own control to reduce our litter
    • most of this pollution comes down the Yarra River and washes up on beaches through the ‘Yarra Plume’ phenomenon
  2. check to see what types and amounts of litter we collect

Oceans of Plastic – Plastics Pollution

  1. By 2050 there will be more plastic in the earth’s oceans than weight of fish! (World Economic Forum, 2016)

    • Plastic material is the most common litter we collect
    • Plastics are now one of our greatest threats to bird and marine life. They kill sea birds, fish, turtles, and other marine life; creatures that ingest or get caught in plastic die a slow, painful death
    • Heavy metals adhere to plastics and cause health problems in the whole food chain – including to humans
    • Plastics are so ubiquitous we don’t even notice them. Plastic bags, bottles, nappies balloons, cigarette butts – very little gets into recycling.  They blow around, end up down drains, and invariably end up in our Bay and the oceans.  

    We need to recycle our plastics. If everyone does just a little bit, we can solve this problem.

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