Rock Revetment at Black Rock Not Going Ahead

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), through its Coastal Programs priority setting process, has determined not to fund the construction of the proposed rock revetment at Black Rock in 2019/20.

DELWP advised that project planning, including community engagement activities relating to this project, will recommence once funding is secured for the project.

This is great news for us!

We thank all those who have written to our organisations and to DELWP objecting to the type of large, hard rock revetment wall planned for this sensitive area.

As we have said many times, we are not opposed to reinforcing and strengthening the current seawall structure. We believe, however, that there are gentler, holistic effective solutions that are kinder to the environment and more aesthetically pleasing.

The Nature Conservancy’s approach, relying on natural methods, was outlined to the Marine Care Ricketts Point’s December 2018 members meeting by Simon Branigan.  We were also fortunate to have at that meeting a coastal expert who has advised us that it is possible to explore more environmentally sensitive holistic solutions together with reinforcing the existing seawall.  Both these people have agreed to work with us, the community and with DELWP, to develop a better solution.

While the DELWP decision gives us breathing space, we are very keen to continue to engage with DELWP and other experts to create better solutions than the proposed revetment in front of the seawall. We do believe there will be more storm surges in the future that will impact the seawall and require repairs as needed.