Marine Seminar Series

Members’ Speaker Evenings  

Virginia Mosk has been organizing the member’s speaker’s nights. Our thanks to Virginia for this.

In early 2017, when we were still located at the Beaumaris Life Saving Club, we experimented with holding our speaker’s evenings every month through until May, on the basis that members might find the extra activities valuable, interesting and provide further friendship and networking opportunities.  We also invested in solar lights so that people would find it easier to leave the venue at the end of the night.

We swapped to the Seniors Centre at Beaumaris Community Hub in October 2017, as it is bright, warm and safe.  It is therefore much more conducive as a venue to holding meetings throughout the winter months as well as the warmer months.  We believe we can experiment with extending the speaker’s nights through winter.  This would allow us to maintain our two-monthly schedule, which seems to suit many people.  So apart from the AGM in February, member’s meetings will be held in April, June, August, October and December 2018.

2017 Speakers

This year we hosted some good, strong speakers.

21 February 2017

Professor Stephen Swearer, Marine Biologist at the University of Melbourne, spoke about Restoring the lost kelp forests of Port Phillip Bay.

He and his team work on the Reef Ecosystem Evaluation Framework (REEF) project funded by the Victorian Government, which was established to examine the effect of sea urchins and potential anthropogenic stressors (sediment and nutrients) associated with urbanisation on the local and system-wide dynamics of rocky reefs in Port Phillip Bay (PPB), Victoria. He was an engaging, spirited speaker who had us enthralled from start to finish. He said that there would also be future possibilities for MCRP to engage with his team to conduct a Citizen Science project.

21 March 2017


Professor Ian Rae, Honorary Professorial Fellow in the School of Chemistry at the University of Melbourne, spoke about, the Friends of Williamstown Wetlands’ litter project.

Friends of Williamstown Wetlands Inc. (in conjunction with Hobsons Bay City Council and Parks Victoria) extended its activities to the newly-reconstituted Paisley-Challis Wetland.  While concentrating on revegetation of degraded land, the group has always paid attention to litter control and has participated each year in Clean Up Australia Day. 

16 May 2017

Brad Jessup, a human geographer and an environmental law specialist at the University of Melbourne, spoke on Reflecting on Justice and the Channel Deepening Project.

The Victorian bureaucracy is pondering a state strategy on Environmental Justice to fulfil an election promise of the current Andrews Labor Government. Given the timeliness of questions of environmental justice, his engaging and interesting presentation reflected on the most controversial of Victorian projects over recent times – the Port Phillip Channel Deepening Project.

17 October 2017

Dr Matt Edmunds from Australian Marine Ecology, was to speak to us on Fifteen years in the life of Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary – the challenges and successes in understanding the ecology and area-based management. Unfortunately, Matt had to cancel his talk at the last moment.

However, very fortunately, our good friend Professor John Buckeridge, Natural Resources Engineering, RMIT, Melbourne, stepped in at the eleventh hour to give us a delightful and enthusiastic talk all about the Local fossils found in the Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary.

John’s book on Birds of Rickett’s Point Marine Sanctuary has also sold like hotcakes at our talks. Many thanks to John for his humour, flexibility and generosity – we all had a very enjoyable night!

17 December 2017

Dr Tim O’Hara from Museums Victoria, spoke on Ocean Biodiversity and Climate Change.

Tim has been Senior Curator of Marine Invertebrates at Museums Victoria since 2001. In this role, he investigates the distribution of biodiversity across the ocean seafloor, by combining data from museum collections from across the planet. He gave a great presentation about his work and latest expedition. He presented some of his latest findings and put them in a wider ecological and biogeographical context, showing how marine biodiversity is distributed across the oceans and how this may be altered by climate change.

We have a list of eager people who would love to speak to our community in 2018 and 2019!

20 March 2018

The next in line is P.T. Hirshfield from Pink Tank Scuba, who is well known to some members and has many amazing and inspirational stories to tell.  She will speak after our AGM at 8pm on 20 March 2018.

It has been a pleasure to work with all individuals involved; everyone coming from their heartfelt passions for the ocean and the appreciation for the great work that MCRP does. Thank you all for your valued input!